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HBT Chats With CAL


HBT Chats With CAL

Had you always planned to become a music producer, or do you have other passions?

Yes I have, but my other passion is DJing also because everything started from me DJing different genres such as Hip Hop, R&B and Reggae Dancehall, so from playing them genres I was always curious about how the producers create the tracks that I am playing at these clubs and when I am practicing at home and definitely when it’s a new track I’ve never heard and it’s my first time listening to it I pay attention closely to every sound that’s in it. I always knew I was going to be a music

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producer but It was just a moment when I let things flow till I really knew my history within producing because it’s a big difference between being a DJ and a music producer, so the same way you have to have that knowledge and history of knowing about being a DJ, you have to do the same way’s with being a music producer. So It was at a time in 2015 when I decided I wanted to be a producer from the amount of artists I was listening to at the time in 2013 – 2015 in the EDM scene, and right away I went straight forward I started working and creating 1 song to another till I really understood what I was doing and figuring out my sound and which way I wanted my songs to sound.


How do you prepare your sets before your performances?

I think of my first 5 favorite tracks in my head and think of some tracks that will shock the crowd with so I can get the crowd already into my performance and dancing because whatever my first 5 songs I started off with, I will keep that energy high throughout my set until the end.


Can you tell us more about your creative process when creating a new track?

Ok, so in my phone I have so much track names and they are labeled as either Bass House/G-House or G-House/Bass House, or maybe G-House itself and Bass House itself, and this is before they are created, so when I start making a new track, I look at some track names in my phone and I go off the vibe I get from that track name and knowing I have it labeled Bass House I get a bunch of ideas in my head and start creating a Bass House track, and same goes for a track I have labeled as G-House. The tracks I have labeled as G-House/Bass House or Bass House/G-House they can be created all types of way’s but knowing I am going to have a lil bit of G-House in it, I make some G-House vocals or find something that will fit my track. I always go off my first instinct when making a new track.


If you could collaborate with any artist at any venue/festival/club, who and where would it be, and why?

There are a lot of artists out there that are my favorites and half of them are the reason why I wanted to be a music producer, but for the most part, I can say MALAA is an artist I would love to collaborate within the studio and at a festival more because for 1.The energy that’s set at festivals these days is out of this world and being on stage with him will be speechless for me and 2.He’s the reason why I do House music and the amount of work I put into my tracks, day & night and then 3.The crazy ideas he has in his music that will be amazing to mash up with my ideas. It will be a dream come true to work with him !!!


How would you summarize 2017?

It’s a learning process all around from working on a bunch of tracks being created now which will release next year and having patience with them being released. So many people can discover your music from anywhere, but it’s that one person that discovers you and things will change but it takes time. Everything is just patience and I learned that this year and that’s how I summarize my year of 2017, learning process & patience.


What are your goals for 2018?

To go further than I did before and no setbacks. From a learning process to knowing exactly what to do for myself as an artist and also bringing something new to the table.


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