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Discover Music In A Different Way: Wavo


Discover Music In A Different Way: Wavo was started in Montreal in 2011 when co-founders Conor Clarke and Gabriel Lespérance sought to create something new in the world of crowdsourced music sharing services. All encompassing, this company is defined more as a community of modern artists, industry, and influencers working together to discover and surface new music – and what’s great is that the content is all user-controlled, making sure the best and not the biggest rise to the top. 

It doesn’t matter who you know or what label you’re on, anyone can reach the top of the charts by the power of their music alone.


Whether you’re an artist looking for a top-notch remix of your original track, a promoter or club looking for an opening act, or simply a person who lives to discover, download, share and listen to new music, Wavo creates an accessible and enjoyable experience for all. In the past few years, Wavo has grown to 100,000 artists and 150,000 active users, making it the fastest growing music app on Facebook and the 4th fastest growing start-up in Canada according to the Bloomberg Terminal for start-ups.

Recently, Wavo has paired up with the notable Dancing Astronaut – another dance music blog determined to democratize the music scene – in order to bring its users more content, contests, communities, and charts. The way it works is artists will publish songs directly to the site and from thereon it is the users who decide which tracks will trend, i.e.: make it to the top of their respective charts, by either sharing or republishing. The top-trending tracks then get aggregated into charts, resulting in a new world of first-class music sorted by genre at your fingertips. Right now, the top communities to explore on Wavo are a 100K strong Dance music community, which can be found here and a 70K Deep house chart found here.

Though we already live with an abundance of social media apps and while the music side is no less saturated, Wavo provides a unique way of getting in touch with users and artists, essentially creating a community of passionate people, whose mission it is to let no talent go unnoticed. Where Facebook has albums and Twitter has posts, Wavo allows users to publish their favourite songs to playlists and choose other users who can add tracks as well, making it a sort of “shared album” with songs.

Another unique aspect of Wavo’s model is the numerous contests that artists and/or labels set up through the site. Once a contest has been made available, any producer can download the provided stems, create a remix and publish it to the chart where users will then be able to listen and vote. Not only does this give thriving DJs the opportunity to practice and get their name out, but it also teaches them how to leverage their social networks in order to gain more recognition. Currently, the remix competition is for ODESZA’s White Lies. By clicking here you can view each submission, keeping in mind that they can be sorted by chart ranking, trending mixes, or recently added. The competition ends on May 1st, which means you can vote for your favourite submission up until then. Winners typically receive anything from a signed merchandise kit to an opening act performance, or in this case, the runner-ups get their remix posted on ThisSongIsSick and get promoted by Bonnarroo, ODESZA, and Wavo whereas the winner gets all of the above plus an invitation to perform at Bonnaroo 2015, including many exciting extras.

If the independent charts, lively contests, and like-minded community of users wasn’t enough to get you going on, the company has just launched its mobile app, making the listening and sharing experience that much easier and more manageable. The app can be downloaded via the iTunes Store, so make sure to check it out!

It is for these reasons that we can’t get enough of this vibrant, engaging, and game-changing music platform. The fact that it’s the fans, artists, and industry working together to discover and decide what music gets put at the top puts a huge emphasis on quality and originality, thus killing the boring Top-40 and collectively coming up with a better alternative for promoting and enjoying the music that deserves to be heard.

If you want to learn more about, check out the following:




Also, you can take a look at what artists are saying about Wavo via this link.

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1 Comment

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    March 26, 2015 at 11:59 pm

    Wow!! I didn’t know that!!!

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