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Beyond Melody: Discover Waysons


Beyond Melody: Discover Waysons

Waysons, a duo consisting of UK’s Doane and Sweden’s Julien, is—in our opinion—one of the most talented up and coming duos in the industry. These prodigies were once again tracked down by HBT’s own Samet Özcelik, and we’re eager to share our newest find with you all!

Waysons is currently living in Switzerland, where they’ve now been neighbours for 17 years, and have bonded over their shared dream. Doane & Julien went from playing hockey in their garage to producing quality music, and by doing that, they’ve truly found what they’re most passionate about.

Doane is 18 years old, and has been playing the drums and piano for quite a few years. He has tremendous passion for improvising new sounds and composing tracks, which we can deeply appreciate. He originally opened his eyes to the world of electronic dance music when he discovered Avicii’s track called Penguin (which later became the well-known sensation Fade Into Darkness). He’s developed an addiction of sorts to the genre, and can’t even go a few hours without listening to it. Sounds a little like us, don’t you think? Despite his initial interest being sparked by an Avicii track, Doane’s main inspirations aren’t the well-known dance music producers. He lists his musical influences as respected artists Hans Zimmer, Carl Orff, Alan Silvestri, and Ludovico Einaudi. He’s deeply in love with classical and cinematic music, which he combines with his own production talents to create tracks for adverts, mini-series, and huge live openings in Switzerland.

In contrast, we have the 19-year-old Julien from Sweden. He’s always loved music, and he began to play the guitar at the age of 10 (although he hated going to guitar lessons). He also loves to play Nirvana tunes with a crazy distortion level. Funky, right? He originally discovered the art of DJing before he got into electronic music, when he saw all the buttons on a CDJ/DJM console (and thought it looked super cool) and began mixing at age 15. Julien discovered electronic dance music through Doane, when he did a project on Armin Van Buuren at school. Fast-forward a few days: Doane introduced Julien to Avicii’s music, and Julien found himself completely enraptured by the sounds. Nowadays, he’s completely in love with the technical side of producing, and has been focusing on audio/mixing/mastering engineering for years.

While the electronic music scene isn’t as big in Switzerland as it is in Sweden or the UK, they’ve been working hard at mastering their own style. The people in Switzerland tend to dabble around in different genres and not stick to any specific type of music, so Waysons had a little trouble with wanting to please their friends, but also wanting to produce the music they’re passionate about. They experimented with numerous styles before they ended up where they are now: progressive house with a futuristic touch, combined with cinematic and classical vibes and the power of dance music. It all started with deep house, then chill-out and eventually progressive house. But it wasn’t until they made their rework of Hans Zimmer’s Watchful Guardian that they really knew what they were going to do.

What really differentiates these guys from today’s producers is their ability to create tracks built upon dark & powerful melodies, but still keep it very musical with lots of diverse chords. It’s definitely not something you’d hear every day. While quite a few producers nowadays can’t play a single instrument and don’t even have that sharp of an ear, Waysons’ deep passion for music and all its technical aspects shines through each and every piece they release, and it’s not a style most producers could imitate even if they wanted to.

The past 6 months have been an absolute rollercoaster coaster for Waysons, and they’ve been working on a single for about 4 months that’s still unreleased. They’re also working their asses off on about 8 different projects right now, and we have no doubt it’ll be just as unique as ever. Besides that, they have 2 upcoming collaborations, two vocal productions, and some remixes that are all ready to be released.

The HBT Crew has no doubt that 2-15 will be a massive year for Waysons where they’ll be taking their unique sound to a whole new level. Chris Avantgarde and his next generation cutting-edge imprint AVANT/GARDE will now have Waysons under their wing and help develop their (already awesome) talent. We hope the talented duo will line up more gigs for the future so we can witness their magic live! They’ve made their mission to give the world’s clubbing scene a brand new perspective through their continuous passion and innovative music. Hit them up on social media, and check out our selections from their SoundCloud!

By: Samet Özcelik

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