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Paradoxx – Alvita

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Paradoxx – Alvita

Hailing from the Netherlands, the up and coming DJ Alvita has just released a track that is sure to grab your attention. The new single, Paradoxx definitely puts the dirty into “Dirty Dutch House.” Opening with a seemingly clean and melodic exposition, the track quickly enters a drop so hard it would make even the most battle-tested ravers wave their kandy around and start jump-styling like a pack of 12-year-old Bieber fans meeting their idol. Around the 1:19 timestamp, the listener is granted a short respite from the extreme, almost involuntary dancing that this music has undoubtedly provoked, but the second drop is not far off, and when it hits, it hits hard.  While listening, remember to not flail too violently, we here at HBT encourage safe raving.

By: Julian Alderson 

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