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Limit To Your Love – James Blake (Cazzette Bootleg)


Limit To Your Love – James Blake (Cazzette Bootleg)

Cazzette, the Swedish duo composed of Alexander Bjorklund and Sebastian Furrer, present listeners with a banging trap remix of James Blake’s original masterpiece, Limit to Your Love. From the first piano chord, the track creates an eerie tone that seems to perfectly complement Blake’s voice. The initial percussion in the intro suggests that listeners are in for a high energy song, but when the deep synths vibrate the table, any thoughts of labeling this song a club anthem are thrown out the window. Instead, Cazzette seems to ask listeners to contemplate the many layers of production that have been drawn upon in the creation of this track. For instance, the low horn section near the middle of the song generates energy, preparing listeners for the incoming build up and drop. The chorus samples are also on point, with great distortion that keeps the track lively without changing its tone.

By: Ian Yoon

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