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At Night – Arno Cost & Arias

House & Progressive House

At Night – Arno Cost & Arias

Two of France’s finest talents, Arno Cost and Arias, paired up for a new dynamic collaboration titled At Night. The track is embodied by smooth anthemic vocals combined with wonderful melodies. It starts off with an intro of uplifting beats, and then transcends into the first break, which is built upon mesmerizing chords that truly complement the infectious vocals. The powerful snare rolls gather all the necessary energy for a drop that, while powerful, really highlights the melodic synth work. The second break continues with a piano-driven melody that has an incredibly heartwarming effect on the listener, and is again paired with the vocals. The vocals are honestly so beautiful, you can’t help but sing along. All of this is layered over percussions before more snare rolls pierce through for the energy-packed final drop. The melody that looms over the entire track won’t leave your head for quite a while (we can attest to that fact), all thanks to the incredible French touch they’ve given the track.

By: Samet Özcelik

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