Catching Up With Cazzette

We’re excited to be celebrating your newest release, the Desserts EP. How would you say your sound has evolved since your debut album, Eject?

Sebastian: After EJECT we were pretty conscious of getting stuck in the ‘EDM bubble’ that was emerging. We re-evaluated what we wanted to stand for and made a conscious decision to open our sound to influences that meant something to us. There is definitely a focus on songs rather than just club tracks and I think that’s really apparent throughout Desserts.

HBT Chats With Tapesh

Tapesh is a very successful German music producer and DJ. He started his affair with music in his father’s clubs during the early 80s, where he had no choice but to listen to things like Kraftwerk and proper funk music. Today Tapesh has become very much in demand around the world, preforming in clubs like Cocoon in Frankfurt, Warung in Brazil and Studio 80 in the Netherlands.

From Russia With Love: Discover Amersy

Make way for HBT’s first Russian Discover feature! The talented Amersy, hailing from a town called Izhevsk in the middle of snowy Russia, sat down with a few HBT reps so we could help give our readers a view into the mind of one of electronic dance music’s rising stars. His track titled “GO” which was released on Refune Records gave him quite the reputation throughout the industry, sparking the interest of artists like MAKJ and even landing him on HBT’s radar. 

Guitar player turned producer – Meet Dan XII

Meet Dan XII – real name Daniel Meyer – based in Australia’s gold coast and an active member of the gold coast music scene. He is an amazing guitar player – has been playing the guitar since he was 14 and started DJ’ing at 24. Since than he produced his own EP and even produced for the short film “Good Knight Reverie”. You can expect to hear much more from Dan in the upcoming months!

Hellberg’s Interview With HBT

Jonathan Hellberg, the recently turned 21-year-old producer from Stockholm,  Sweden is definitely one to watch this year! Since a very young age, Hellberg has been pushing himself towards evolving in the world of DJing and producing, only to end up focusing in on developing his craft in the dance music realm. Today he is one of the most valued members/house producers of the Monstercat label due to his efficient perfectionism, refusal to abide by the status quo and his true aptitude for experimentation. You can expect to be hearing a multitude of new productions and releases from the ever-so-talented Hellberg throughout 2015!

Steerner Talks Career, Sound & What’s Next

You can expect revolutionary things in the near future from Steerner, a 21 years old up and coming artist pumping out futuristic tunes from the music hub that is Stockholm, Sweden. Already having gleaned support from big names such as: Avicii, Tiësto and Ingresso, Steerner is progressively building up a network of loyal house fans, despite the obstacle of not yet being associated with a label or distribution. Already having shared the stage with the likes of Dada Life and Knife Party, this young talent is famous for having a broad and unique discography that is known to leave the audience in a state of euphoria.